01.27.19 Sunday Message

Some of the biggest roadblocks to happiness and joy are doubt, discouragement, and despair. Doesn’t it makes sense that if we doubt ourselves we won’t take the chances that we sometimes need to take? Thomas Edison was someone who chose not to doubt. He was one who didn’t see the enormous obstacles in his work, but instead remained positive and true to his vision. 

01.20.19 Sunday Message

A dear friend of mine went to see Elton John, and told me his message that evening was about the healing power of music. That got me to thinking what else in our everyday lives gives us the power to bring self-worth and joy? Call it whatever you want, but there are things in our everyday lives that just “get us over the bump in the road” and convinces us not to lay down next to the wagon and let the wolves eat us. Ever been there?? 🤪

Here’s a few thoughts that came to me this week.