01.20.19 Sunday Message

When I write these Sunday messages, I try to put a lot of thought and prayer towards what the message says each week to hopefully inspire, uplift, help all find a bit of hope and joy in life to always choose happy, (including me!). I read your comments every week and I know that many of you are hurting for any number of reasons, (thus the prayers). You know my history so you know I have been where a lot of you are, (thus the thoughts).  Here’s one to remember, God is NO respecter of persons. We are ALL His children and chose to came to earth to experience this event called “mortality”.  So if I am able to help persuade you to never give up, to keep learning and strive to be more like our Savior in this human existence and always look for the peace and feel joy as we keep on keepin’ on, then the Sunday message is doing what I had hoped. That is my goal, every Sunday you will have a “safe place to fall” and leave your troubles for a time.

Remember when I mentioned last week that I was going East to do a lot of media? Well in this article I did for People (click here to read), it was partly about how people would try to bully or put me down about my image when  I was a young teenager. I eventually figured out that it was not about me, but it was about them and their need to control me as a performer and a woman. Because they were “in the business,” it would have been easy to accept their criticisms but because of the family I came from, I had been taught that self-esteem didn’t come from what others thought of me but from what God thought of me and my efforts to become like Him. If you understand what this earth life is about and believe in who you are striving to become down here on earth, it’s very hard for someone else to tear you down no matter what life brings. Even though we learn these truths, it usually takes our whole life to permanently implement standing firmly in Gods joyful plan of eternal happiness for us! 

A dear friend of mine went to see Elton John, and told me his message that evening was about the healing power of music. That got me to thinking what else in our everyday lives gives us the power to bring self-worth and joy? Call it whatever you want, but there are things in our everyday lives that just “get us over the bump in the road” and convinces us not to lay down next to the wagon and let the wolves eat us. Ever been there?? 🤪

Here’s a few thoughts that came to me this week:

  1. Play your favorite music - It gets you moving if you need that, or relaxes you, or it can make you feel young. Think about taking some time to discern what’s your best music and make special playlists ...then just enjoy!

  2. Laugh - You can’t stay sad, mad  or stressed if you are laughing! My Mom would remind me of this story when things became very stressful. A little boy, Christmas morning, ran to the family room where the tree was. Instead of presents, the whole room was full of manure yet the boy was jubilant. His dad, not understanding his happiness asked why? He said to his daddy “with this much poop in the room there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!” Many times when I’d feel like quitting my Mom would look at me and say “hey, there’s got to be a pony somewhere!” Make it a point to always find your pony and always choose to laugh! 🤣

  3. Hold a baby - Is there anything better? I’ve had mine around me all week. If you don’t have one, there’s so many babies in the world who need someone to care about them. Volunteer at a hospital to hold them or just look around for tired moms of newborns who would love some help. 😉 They are right from heaven and just pure joy!

  4. Essential oils - There is one called Whisper by doTERRA Essential Oils that completely relaxes me and these oils whether diffused or topically applied never fail to help me feel a little better.

  5. Inspirational talks - I love TED Talks or any talk for that matter that moves or motivates me. When I hear someone speak about something that has moved them, I pause and ponder their message because It stimulates purpose, gratitude and growth and continues my move forward.

  6. Scriptures - Simply the best! There is a healing power in words that edify! They are my favorite “go to” if I’m ever feeling down, worried or need inspiration. I find something new and rewarding every single time I open them.❤️

  7. Exercise - Like it or not, the fact is moving around regularly is the best antidepressant drug there is. There’s something satisfying that happens after you’ve pushed yourself physically and I love it when doing a workout 6 months ago was impossible but not anymore!

  8. Contact someone who has made a difference in your life - Make the effort to send flowers, an email or just write a note... both of you will feel great!

  9. Pet a dog or a cat - I love my dog Teddy, he makes me happy AND I stop to play. 🐶  I sit down, relax and honestly it forces you to be in the moment because your pet always is! Love them because they love you, Unconditionally!

  10. Take a nap - Remember when I said to laugh? So many people tell me “are you kidding a nap is a luxury”.  But is it? You could be on your phone or you could shut your eyes for 20 minutes... it’s a choice and I just offered it to you. Take the nap!

  11. Enjoy Great Friends - This is of one of the best activities ever! Having dear friends to talk to, hang out with or go to lunch, can help put things back in perspective. And the best ones are those who you can pick up right where you left off no matter how long it’s been! I adore these kind of blessings. 🤗

  12. Pray - Take a moment to breathe deeply and say a prayer, remember what you are grateful for and ask for help. The power of prayer is renewing... it is REAL!🙏

  13. And this is my favorite (13 is my lucky number), Believe with all your heart it will be ok - Yes, you had a disagreement, or you were misunderstood, you were cut off on the freeway or your pants don't fit, maybe you burned the toast, left the water running in the tub or didn't water your geranium... it will be ok. All will be forgiven, folks will see what occurred, traffic is traffic and tomorrow don't eat the cake... you will have another chance to make toast so go mop up the water and buy a new plant, it will all be ok. I promise.

"She lived joyfully not because her circumstances were joyful but because she was joyful." ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

When you find ways to bring joy into your life even the worst days can have some great moments. I would love to know what you do to create joy in your life 😘 because we are all on the journey to joy! What do you do to create JOY? Tell me in the comments!