01.06.19 Sunday Message


When I saw this cartoon I laughed so hard! It SO depicts life to me. 🤣 I’m not really a fan of making New Year’s resolutions as much as believing, "Whatever I want to do that I haven’t done is not beyond my grasp.” For me it’s worth the effort to recalculate!

Just as the line of people in the cartoon are going this way and that way, our lives do the same, right!!? 🤪 For example, how often have we made a decision not to lose our temper only to snap at one of those telemarketers who call all day? (Or unfortunately anyone else that might be in your line of fire?) 🤣


But focus on doing it with a peaceful heart... do it knowing recalculating is part of God’s plan and you do have the power to change your day and your life!

When He sent us to earth, He knew we would make mistakes. When I mess up, God never gets angry and says, “Wow! Really? Are you that dense?” NO! I’ve been reading Isaiah in the Bible, which is written for our times, and the whole theme is God saying “My children, you’re really messing up, but I LOVE you, please come back to me!” Remember mistakes are going to happen and God knew we would make them. We don’t have to be perfect because God sent someone to be perfect for us and provide a way to start over, or... recalculate!

Try some of these ideas.👍😊

Start with the knowledge that God wants us to be a success, He wants us to feel the joy of achieving our goals, to relish in the merits of our hard work, and if that means changing our lives a bit... then He is all in and ready to help! When we truly ask for God’s help we believe and know we can do it and with that knowledge nothing can stand in our way! For example I’m at QVC today talking about Nutrisystem. I really struggled with keeping weight off the first half of my life, it became daunting! I would diet and lose the weight but over time I would end up putting the weight back on plus a little extra. 😩 I tried every diet… (for real!) and just when I became weary and almost gave up, I asked God if He would please help me! (You know the story about my son asking me, on behalf of ALL my children, to lose weight.) 😞 I needed to find a way that would really work and I didn’t want the genetic health issues that run in my family. I knew with my 50 extra pounds I was destined to have them. There had to be an answer because my goal — to be healthy for my children (and me) — was a good desire. I wanted to be around to share in their lives for years to come, and as the only provider I needed to be able to keep singing and dancing in order to have the energy and be lighter on my feet. (Especially since I love great shoes! 😂👠) This was an important goal that I believed in but I knew from experience that I needed help and couldn’t do it alone! Remember... insanity is defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If what you’re doing isn’t working... recalculate.

Second, start small. Richard Branson started Virgin Airlines with a student magazine, Dale Carnegie began his book “How to win friends and influence people” from a short talk... it has sold over 15 million copies... Steve Jobs worked at Atari and Steve Wozniak worked at Hewlett-Packard when they started Apple as a side job! Start with 1 pound, 1 lap around the field, 1 page of writing, 1 morning without getting angry, 1 resume sent out or 1 room cleaned. And if you go backward on your small step... Love yourself enough to recalculate!

Third, celebrate even the small successes like walking every day even if it’s just around the block. Choose to Win! Reading more? Win! Putting clothes away the same day they come out of the dryer? Double Win! The more you acknowledge your consistent personal productivity (of any kind) the more you are apt to keep doing it. My mother would always say before you go to bed set a plan for yourself for the next day and write it down... put it on paper! (Now it would be smart phones 😉) She swore by it! She’d say to me, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” So write in your journal or keep a day planner whatever it might be just chronicle every Win right next to everything you are grateful for. 👍 It works! And if you forget, recalculate!! 😊

This last one may be the most important...give up every reason or excuse the changes you want to make didn’t work before. Forget them and start new. As I said last week… Nothing creates my weather! At any given moment you have the power to rewrite your story. Even if it takes 40 years in the desert… Keep walking forward and keep recalculating!!!

OK I’m getting ready for the next spot on QVC so I’m off. We’re told to keep the Sabbath day holy but I can’t think of anything more holy than taking care of your health! Whether you need a diet or not it’s a great goal. I always believed that the health of Body, Mind and Soul (and in that order) are essential for success in this life! If your body is healthy it affects your mind, when your mind is healthy you are focusing on the things that are best for your soul. Now there’s some “Soul” food for you 🤣 And that’s the kind of food I’m talking about 😂👍 Let's set goals and not be afraid to recalculate, and we will win a lot this year!!!