07.21.19 Sunday Message


This photo was taken on my girls trip this week to #MtRushmore. We were looking at all the cute cabins at McDonald Mountain Ranch where we were staying that one of our friend’s dad owns. They were all occupied, and one sweet lady said you can come see ours, my husband is sleeping but could you take a photo with him anyway? He’ll be sad he missed seeing you. Now, I’ve taken a lot of photos with people throughout my life but this... oh, it’s definitely the most unique!!! 🤣😂🤣 He woke up and still remained in bed 😆 but this situation made me think about my topic for today’s Sunday message... getting out of bed! 😳🤗🤪🧐😜🥰

I do several things when I first wake up. First, I get up! It would be so easy to stay in bed and sleep a bit longer, but I have found the day just goes better when I just GET UP. The next thing I do is set my intentions for the day. I read scriptures, make a few notes about what I need to do and then take a moment to ponder what I have read. It’s my simple devotional, and although it doesn’t require a great deal of time, it sets a tone of peace for the rest of my day. This morning I came across a familiar scripture that I have used often in my life. But right now it is especially important. 

Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

The promise in this scripture, as I read it again and again 😂, is exactly what I have been looking for. He speaks of those that wait on the Lord as not having to rely on their own strength but RENEWED strength, which must come from Him. And then there is the added promise of “run and not be weary, walk and not faint!” This must be one of the sweetest promises in the scriptures especially to me, because He is saying we will have what we need for whatever comes our way. So how do we qualify for this promise? What came to me after a lot of study on this topic is when I faced difficulties (of all kinds) I would be tempted to take them in my own hands or handle them the way I felt they should be handled rather than “wait on the Lord”. His solutions are always better than ours but at times, we get impatient and even too eager to solve the problems unfortunately... by ourselves and I don’t know about you but before I knew better, I would make snap decisions.

Now I know we can either act or react, but to “act” is always a better choice because it is measured, thoughtfully, and especially Christlike. How often have you “reacted” to a situation quickly and then wished you could take it all back?  The worst exercise we can do in life is “jumping” to conclusions! As we “Wait on the Lord” and listen for his further instructions to us, we can then ACT with confidence. The promise the Lord gives us if we listen for His voice is the strength to do whatever we have been asked to do. I love this promise especially as I prepare for September… where I will be shooting The Talk in the morning in California and fly to Vegas for the show at Flamingo Las Vegas until we end our 11 year run in #LasVegas.

This promise that we WILL have that strength and that we can go forward strengthens my faith and trust in God’s promise because He will be with us the whole way. And besides we didn’t come to earth to live our life staying in bed.. though I do believe in a few naps once in a while and... even a photo while taking one!🤣 #HappySunday