07.14.19 Sunday Message


Last night, I was on the phone with my kids Stephen, Claire and their darling children. They were in Manhattan with my grandson, little Stephen, who was set to sing at Carnegie Hall with The Millennial Choir and Orchestra. His other grandma (“Nana”) and his Auntie Sara were also with them. Can you imagine their excitement—having the chance to sing in such an amazing and historical place?

But then—boom—the power went out in what was the worst power outage in over 10 years in New York. However, it still ended up being an amazing event for them! All over Manhattan, restaurants and businesses were closed, Broadway plays were cancelled and regular people were directing traffic! When Carnegie Hall was evacuated, the choir and orchestra were sent outside. That’s when the beautiful “power” of music revealed its most touching part, as they began performing their concert right in the street. New Yorkers stopped and listened to the choir made up of members from California, Arizona, Dallas, Utah and Idaho singing “I Believe in Christ.” I’ve seen videos all over Twitter and Facebook today—it looked so amazing! Kelly Olds, our grandson Stephen‘s other grandma, asked a violinist if Jenny Oaks Baker could borrow her violin so she could accompany the choir while they sang. During man’s power outage they shared the power of Christ. Instead of a few listening inside the Hall the whole world was able to hear their concert! The pure love of Christ was shared as they were able to find power in service when this challenge occurred.

It is up to us to turn life’s drawbacks into winning situations. I know it can be done with the Lord’s help! 🙏🏼

How have you used the Lord’s power to turn a difficult event into something positive? Share your stories with me, you know I love to hear them! Happy Sunday to you and yours.