06.23.19 Sunday Message


What have you been wanting to do that is outside your comfort zone? This week has been an interesting week. The shows at the Flamingo Las Vegas have been on hiatus for two weeks, so I decided to step outside my comfort zone. When I was 20, I went to New York City because I really wanted to study acting with Lee Strasberg. That’s when I received a call from my mother telling me that all of our money was gone! I had to move back home to help out financially. Of course I did a few movie roles as a young girl but I never felt the acting was very good! 🤣 Since then, I have been so busy doing other things I couldn’t pursue my dream of acting even though it has been something I really wanted. Well, last week I did it!! I was definitely outside my comfort zone!! 😊 I’m also finishing my Symphonic album! Some of the numbers from the album will be in my own show with the Utah Symphony on June 29th in Park City. Dream come true!!!

I pray every week to find something to write about for you and nothing came until yesterday. My girlfriend sent this story to me and VIOLÀ... there was the topic!!! God really is in the details! 😉♥️

A 103 year old woman ran the 50 and 100 meter dashes at the Albuquerque Senior games and won two gold medals. Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins of Baton Rouge, Louisiana set a new record for the 100 plus age division. Julia didn’t start running until she was 101 and prepares for her races by simply working in her yard. She took up cycling in her 80’s and when she became the only competitor in her division her children suggested she take up running. Now she is the oldest woman to ever compete on an American track. Julia said that as you get older you need new challenges to stay alive and alert. When she turned 101 she found a new adventure in running and it has brought her joy and helped her find the “magic moments.”

When I read she “looked for the magic moments” I knew I had to write about it. Life’s fears keep us as ships “tied up and safe” in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are for and that’s not what God intended for us. We are built to live life to the fullest. And that means having adventures and challenges to help us experience the “magic moments.” It’s up to us whether we stay safe in the harbor or challenge ourselves, no matter what our age in life, to get out on the water and find ourselves signing up to live life! Like an acting part at 29 😉... just sayin’. 😊

When I am 103 I hope I am kicking it well enough to be referred to as “Hurricane” (Well I did sing a song about it 🤣). And when I sail into heaven my desire is to tell God that I tried to completely use up my life! How about you?  Challenge has been made 🤣😂🤣

😘♥️ #SundayMessage