06.02.19. Sunday Message


When I woke up yesterday I read this quote my brother Jay sent to us siblings. It was so timely because on my drive back to Vegas this week I kept pondering a dinner I had with some friends. As we were eating, I looked up from my phone and noticed everyone around me were on their phones too. It was kind of disturbing. I know in the last 100 years we have made remarkable strides in almost everything, going from horse and carriage to the moon. But even with all this modern technology are we missing the mark or are we really better off if we don’t even talk to each other? Studies show that only around half of Americans (53%) say they have meaningful, daily face-to-face social interactions.🤔 Is our technology providing even more efficient ways to isolate us from each other and avoid real contact? We might be “connected” but are we actually “connecting”?

This is one of the reasons why I am SO excited about being a part of The Talk starting in September. What a wonderful opportunity to engage and connect with people all over the nation, and I love how the show strives for everyone to feel they are at that big round table. ♥️ The listening is real and every opinion counts! With the chaos that is now the norm in our world, it is so important to try and understand each other without getting angry.

I love reading about Christ’s life. He chose to constantly offer peace while everyone around Him was filled with anything but that! He was the ultimate example of being a great communicator and teacher. It may seem like no one is listening to you or even cares what you think, but If I could I would look you in the eyes right now and say “I KNOW God loves you and cares about EVERYTHING in your life!” The people the Lord helped in the New Testament represent the entire spectrum of people on earth. From Mary, His divinely chosen mother, to the woman at the well who was an outcast to others but not our Savior. These two of many stories shows He WILL always help each one of us — we just have to look toward Him and ask! 🥰 The scriptures also tell a story of a woman with such great faith she didn’t even have to ask she just knew by touching His robe she would be healed. And liking the quote my brother Jay sent to her story, she kept her eye on the Savior the “Son”, and made the effort to “reach out”!

There are many ways to apply the quote today, my hope is, we don’t become blinded and place less important things in our line of vision that block our eyes from seeing things that are the most important to see, each other! This week let’s spend some of the minutes our “time-saving” technology has created and use them to “reach out” and see those around us. By putting down our de-“vices”😉 and sincerely communicate to others, we keep our eye on our true example, the Son, ☀️ Jesus Christ!