07.15.18 Update on Tom

People sometimes don’t understand how frustrating it can be to be deaf. It has been likened to being alone in a foreign country and not being able to speak the language. So to wake up from major surgery and not be able to feel you’re communicating clearly or understand what’s going on around you... these are some of the many challenges my sweet brother Tom faces this week. Amidst all his adversities, his incredible wife Carolyn has been such a great blessing to Tom, she asked to keep it quiet and calm in his room—communicating through her by sign language and simple statements from the doctors.

I held off on posting this today or any comments all week until I heard from Carolyn on what “she” desires to tell you. I feel you should hear directly from her instead of family members or friends. It’s probably the female heart in me ☺️, I know I would want to make the statement myself if it were my precious husband undergoing such serious health challenges. Here is Carolyn’s official update on my brother today:

“We are grateful for all of your prayers and that Tom has such a determined, fighting spirit. Doctors are still keeping him in ICU. He’s under heavy medication and not out of the woods quite yet. But we will take each precious day and continue to trust in the Lord’s plan for him. Come what may, and in love!”

I spent the day with Tom, his wife and his children. I’m not sharing a photo because I feel my brother needs his privacy right now. Carolyn felt it was very important to let Tom try to recover through rest from his quadruple bypass 🤕❤️, so over this past week, she asked me to be the liaison between her and our family members via text. I am so grateful that I was finally able to embrace Tom in person! As family started to stream in, I saw nieces and nephews and drew great comfort from my sister-in-law, who has remained a rock in her faith, throughout Tom’s critical moments.

When Tom saw me, he smiled. He truly has the light of Christ in his eyes and heart. ❤️ I felt that all of you would really enjoy knowing that I shared your messages with Tom. As we shared, I could see he was very touched and it was so cute when he looked at me with tears in his eyes and asked, “Why are the fans pray for me so much?” I responded, ‘Because they love you, my sweet brother!” 😊

There have been so many beautiful and precious experiences that have come out of this, Tom’s trial. In spite of all this adversity and discouragements, my faith in God is always strengthened. He gives hope and peace to all of us who are facing uncertain and difficult times. We just need to rely upon Him.

“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” (Roman 15:13)

My precious visit with Tom made me reflect on a movie 🎥 I recently saw — Paul, Apostle of Christ. It bore a powerful message and proclamation of eternal life. Paul presented the light of salvation and pointed the spotlight on the power of God, the love of our Savior and that “Christ’s grace is sufficient.”

As I ponder the health challenges Tom now faces, I am reminded that mortality is but a fraction of life eternal.

“Disciples of Jesus Christ understand that compared to eternity, existence in this mortal sphere is only ‘a small moment’ in space and time. They know that a person’s true value has little to do with what the world holds in high esteem. They know you could pile up the accumulated currency of the entire world and it could not buy a loaf of bread in the economy of heaven.” ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

It is said that, “Suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character. Character produces hope and hope does not disappoint us.” My Brother is grateful to all of you who have offered hope and prayers on his behalf. I know that your 🙏ers and L❤️VE for my precious brother Tom has and will continue to help him endure this fight for his life. We are grateful for your outpouring of support and heartwarming well-wishes. My brother is truly touched. 😘❤️

Have a blessed and #Happy #Sunday spending precious moments with your loved ones! 💋