2.04.18 Sunday Message


I love this old photo, it has great meaning to me. 🤔 You see Donny may think he's a perfect "10" but I will always "one up" him... it's my sibling duty! 😉😂🤣

🏈 While football fans Coast to Coast are counting on electrifying moments at Super Bowl LII... may I just say that the boundless energy that I experience with all of you at our D&M Meet & Greets is no comparison! 🤗

As I mingle with Fans and Friends from across the globe who attend our Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino shows, I am often asked, “Where do you get all this energy?” 🤗 The answer is simple. I draw positivity and inspiration from meeting all of YOU!!! Sure, I enjoy performing on stage with what’s his face 🤣 but I am also blessed to meet so many beautiful people, some with different beliefs, different hopes and different dreams but we all share one common ground—we respect each other’s differences. We all go through similar trials that help us grow to develop compassion for everyone. I enjoy hearing of your life experiences and incredible stories. It’s also fun to be on someone’s "bucket list". I’m right up there with you: jumping out of airplanes and swimming with the sharks. Pretty cool! 😆 You even celebrate your anniversaries, birthdays, grandkids and weddings with Donny and I. I feel like family to you, and you to me. 👍 We ARE friends. 😊

The night before last, I was touched by two couples who came to the show together. The woman gave me a big hug and said her ticket was a gift from her brother, who was with her. “A year ago, she said, I was in a terrible accident,” she explained, “and he said to me in the hospital, when you walk again, and you will, I’ll take you to see Donny & Marie!” There she was, standing tall and walking so beautifully as her husband, brother, and his wife looked on with pride!

There are so many stories I could go on and on... but my point is that... I love you all, I truly do! When our eyes lock and I take photos with or embrace you, I feel your unbelievable warmth and vivacious energy. It is through life’s fumbles, stumbles, bumps and tackles that we gain compassion and a clearer understanding about this wonderful human experience that requires much love and endurance. I feel humbled to share my life with all of you!

Life is a journey, isn’t it? God loves us equally. We are ALL His children and He plays no favorites.

“Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.” (Acts 10:34)

He doesn’t care much about which positions we hold in this life or whether we win or lose... but what He does care about who we are inside, how we play each game and how we treat each other in the process.

Whatever your game plan is on this Super Bowl Sunday, and whether you are playing or praying for the Eagles or the Patriots... one thing’s for certain, God has a winning PLAN for us all. So let us have a ball and start enjoy our Super Life on this Happy Sunday! 🏈💋