11.11.18 Sunday Message

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? I know I do! I was asked Friday night by a sweet woman at the meet and greet at Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino if I ever get overwhelmed and tired? She said, “You do so many things, from your career to your large family, I get tired reading about you! 🤣 How do you manage it all?” My answer to her was, I don’t! I’ve learned from trial and error to stay away from me trying to do it all and I let God help me do it all, more wisely!

10.28.18 Sunday Message

Often times, I think we still try to do the same thing, to be “in control” of everything. We try to control our relationships, our jobs, our schedules... we think, “if we can control it, we can do it!” However, Paul teaches us that when we relinquish control and trust God's process, everything tends to work out much better than we could ever plan ourselves. God helps it to happen the way it should!