08.05.18 Sunday Message

Watch this video first:

Have you ever been tapped on the shoulder by the Lord? I was tapped on the shoulder a couple of times this week and was prompted to share a little miracle that happened to me a while back. Every experience that I’ve had when I felt prompted to do something has truly humbled and strengthened my testimony that our God does hear and answer our prayers. When the Savior taught us to pray, he said don’t pray in repetition. He taught that we should 🙏 for specifics:

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Matthew 7:8)

Now, back to the shoulder tap experience I felt impressed to share with you today. It involved a girlfriend of mine who survived a terrible airplane crash, where the 🔥 that engulfed the plane left her severely burned on over 75% of her body. She said the blessing from this horrific trial was that she lived so she could tell others about God’s incredible love even through everything she went through and continues to go through,  because of this accident. She was coming to visit me per my request. You know just when you think things can’t get worse...then they do! Well they did for her.😢 I prayed, knowing that she was coming to see me, and asked if there was something I could do for her? Oddly enough, the answer or feeling I received was to get her some items from Walgreens. 😳 I doubted for a second but then I thought.. okay, let’s do this! I felt impressed to specifically purchase for her: 1) a make-up mirror, 2) make-up case, 3) specific brand of mascara 🤣, 4) cuticle cutter, and 5) Q-tips. It was so detailed and seriously weird that it felt goofy! I thought, ‘Why not just give her money?’🤔 But, I pushed aside all the questionable fears of thinking (this is stupid) and bought all the items anyway! 😳 Well, when she arrived, we had a wonderful time but I still hesitated giving her the items. As I dropped her off at the airport after spending two days with her, I hesitantly gave my dear friend the Walgreens bag. I said, ‘I don’t know why I felt prompted to give you these. I guess it’s just a crazy gift to you from God.’🎁 She looked at each item as she took them out of the bag and to my surprise, she broke down in tears. 😢 She told me she had been praying before she came to see me. She was going through some great struggles in her life at that time and my friend wanted to know if God could really hear her prayers. So she got on her knees and pleaded for specifics with the Lord. She shared her prayer with me:

“My daughter took my make-up mirror and I could really use one because I can’t see up close anymore. And Father in Heaven, with the burns on my hands and how the fire ruined my nail beds, I really need cuticle cutters, and Q-tips to clean areas of my face where they were burnt. I don’t have a make-up bag anymore Father, because my zipper broke and it’s very old. Plus, I really need (specific brand) mascara... because it is the easiest on my eyes. I love you, dear God. But as always, Thy will be done.” 🙏

All the items that I felt I had to purchase for her were the exact items she had prayed for! Was this a coincidence? No, we both realized it was an amazing MIRACLE!!! I share this special experience with all of you today because in this world of doubt, judgment, anger and or disbelief, etc.  I promise you that prayer is no joke! And... listening to the Spirit is no joke, either! My sweet friend and I cried in the car and even laughed joyfully together, as we looked at the Lord’s gifts she specifically prayed for. We learned that day our Father in Heaven truly knows each of us individually. He has a tremendous 💜 for His children and will shower us with loving kindness each day. He is REAL and is mindful of our every need! God heard my girlfriend’s sweet and sincere prayer and granted her the righteous desires of her 💚. I too was blessed to know that day, by following the Spirit and striving to live our lives with a desire to serve others, God’s spirit can tap us on the shoulder. We both discovered that God IS in the DETAILS of our lives. What was an answer to my friend’s prayer, was a testimony builder to mine. We gain so much by listening to the Spirit.💄💅

Our Father in Heaven can use us as vessels to shed His light on specific people who need His love at any given moment. All we need to do is... listen. 👂

My amazing daughter Rachael reminded me of this two days ago when we were talking about some decision she was making. She said, ”Mom, I may not know what to do... but I know God does!” She is a woman of great faith and knows who to turn to for her answers.

We can feel the hand of the Lord in many of our answers. For me it’s mostly through a feeling, whether it’s a thought or a feeling of peace by the still small voice. But each tap on the shoulder IS a miracle! When we listen and follow through, we become God’s angels on earth. And just like what the guy said in the video, telling the woman that she was beautiful was a BLESSING to her ☺️ but it was a great GIFT for him.

The next time He taps us on the shoulder, jot down God’s instructions and act on those promptings. Let us always allow Him to use us as vessels to bless the lives of others. After all, God is SPECIFIC. God is DETAILED. God is L❤️VE. God is GOOD! God bless you and enjoy this Happy Sunday!

Would love to hear your “Tap on the Shoulder” experience.  💋