03.25.18 Sunday Message


Winter just slid into spring and before we know it, spring will slide into summer. It seems at this stage of life that the seasons whip by so quickly, right? But God’s plan is amazing, just as the seasons change, He has a way of slowing down our pace. One of mine came this week in the form of laryngitis and all of your best wishes couldn’t be more appreciated or any sweeter with my lost voice. I must say I was thankful for the peaceful and silent communication. So when my daughter Rachael sent this photo through our family group text, it mad me smile! Take a closer look at the woman in the front row! She's just enjoying herself... no phone... while everyone else around her is worried about capturing the excitement in the palm of their hand? 👋📱🤳 Pictures may say a thousand words, but I think this photo is profound and speaks volumes about how we need to make sure that we are communicating with each other face to face. Her cat woman glasses sorta’ reminds me of my Grandma Davis, who also came from a generation free of smart phones, video games and talking computers—a forgotten generation that believes the purpose of life is simply enjoying its journey… HANDS-FREE! 🤗 

Social media is a wonderful tool to keep in touch but we may just want to ponder if our cell phones pose more of a distraction from heart-to-heart communication, which causes us to be isolated from others and enjoying life. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best:
“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

I randomly ran across an article that is living proof of that. It’s called, “On The Sabbath Day, He Logged Off.” The writer talks about how his family unplugs from their digital life on weekends. The results are that the mind slows down and takes us to a different place. William Powers says, ”You're really going into this different gear that's a lot more patient. You can do eye contact again (and) you lose the short attention span that comes with digital life.” 

The point of this article was that they got their family life back and we can too 👍 by starting to live in the moment and connect back with the “real world."


Having been under the weather last week and with a few aches and pains, I too tried to unplug from my digital world and not be tethered to my phone. I even managed to cook a few meals, read/listen to some books and we watched movies as a family. We also enjoyed and finished a 1,500-piece puzzle. It was fun sitting up with my husband after everybody went to bed until almost 3 in the morning to see the final product. (Now that’s something we don’t normally do at this season in our lives. 😉🤣) We ended up having to order two missing pieces though 😫🐶 our dog Teddy chewed them up. Guess it’s O.K... it was #NationalPuppyDay on Friday!

Hope I don’t have to lose my voice again to appreciating the beauty of the simpler times in this wonderful life we are all blessed to live. After all, life is a lot more fun when we go through it together and not all alone 💕 by our SELF-ies!  🤣 (I think my husband may have enjoyed some part of my quietness. 😉) But rather than wishing our days away for better snap-worthy, picture-perfect moments, how about putting our mobile devices aside 📲 for an hour or a day this week and instead of documenting life... UNPLUG, and ENJOY being in the MOMENT like the sweet lady in the photo. 😍 This week, let’s try looking at everything in front of us as if we are seeing it for the very first or last time. SAVOR the present and not the #throwbacks. LIVE IN IT, LOVE IT and don't just LIKE IT✔️ 😉. Let me know how it goes! Enjoy a Technology-Free Sabbath on this #Happy #Sunday! 🤣💋

How do you make the best of every day?