12.02.18 Sunday Message


Every Holiday season I start off with the best intentions. You know the drill. We say to ourselves, “I will buy presents early, I won’t get caught up in the chaos so that I can have a peaceful holiday.” I will remember to “be in the moment” but then, life happens! The drain clogs, the car won’t start, or something else equally time consuming comes up. So imagine my delight when a sweet friend sent this wisdom filled meme to me.

• Be present!

I believe we live in a wonderful world but it can be easy to overlook important moments. We need to take time to look into the eyes of our children and grandchildren and create memories. Let’s share the wonder of it all without letting the season simply wash over us and disappear.

• Give a hug!

Wrap our arms around someone who you think needs one. Those of you who have met me know I am a hugger. Last month I met a woman who came to our show at Flamingo Las Vegas from Japan. She was alone, nervous and didn’t speak much English. I held my arms out to her and gave her the biggest hug I could. She melted and so did I. 😊 The joy shared between us was communicated better than any words could express. Everyone around us seemed delighted as well by a simple hug between two strangers that helped us both feel love and acceptance.

Romans 12:10 - “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love.”

• Send peace!

I have written about peace before, so you know it’s important to me especially growing up with 8 brothers and having 8 children. (Grandkids don’t count… they are peace... piece of cake! 🤣 All we have to do is LOVE them ♥️). 1 Corinthians 14:33 says, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace...” Confusion is rampant in our world today and when I feel it starting to surround me, I stop and regroup. Confusion can cause us to sink into an abyss, but regrouping is easy and can consist of a quick prayer. Something like, “Heavenly Father, help me focus on peace and find it through You.” When we focus on peace it leaves us open to the solutions we need or people we can help.”

• Donate Food

Donating food is simple! Find a local church and ask how you can help. Also school websites list some wonderful charitable opportunities. We found our Thanksgiving service project this way. As a family we collected heavy coats, blankets and sleeping bags. We put hygiene kits together and bagged up as much food as we could. Then our family delivered it to the shelter. I loved taking my older children to soup kitchens so we could serve those in need. No matter what difficulties we may be challenged with service to others is always a great way to feel peace.

• Be the Light

Thomas Monson asked this question in a talk he gave: “What is light? Webster’s dictionary lists no less than fifteen definitions for the noun light. I prefer the simple ‘something that illuminates.’ Just as turning on a light switch in a dark room will bathe the room in light, so providing an example of righteousness, and therefore being a light, can help to illuminate an increasingly dark world. I also know that being the light gives us joy and of course, peace.”

We are all here to do the work of the Saviour. We are His hands. He needs us try to be like Him because that is the only way to dispel the darkness, by serving and loving one another as He would do if He were here. As He did when he was here.

This sweet meme left me with so much “light” to reflect upon and I hope it can accomplish that for you as well. This is a special time of year and it is always a testimony to me how powerful the Savior’s influence is at Christmas time even when people who don’t know who He is wants to be kinder and more loving to one another! #HappySunday!