11.26.17 Sunday Message


Donny and I finished our last show of the year at Flamingo Las Vegas last night. That means that I get a break from wearing my sky-high heels over the next month. The blue sparkly shoes you see in the photo are what my son-in-law made for #RocketJade, my granddaughter, as part of her Halloween costume this year. I posted her in them on my social media. Rocket was so excited that she could match Grandma’s #MusicIsMedicine wardrobe that I wear in our D&M shows. She loved her present sooooo much that I’m pretty sure she will need Rhinestone bedazzled shoes from Daddy and Mommy every year... it’s in her DNA! 👠Gabriel blinged her Disney princess pumps and my 7-inch stage heels with the same various shaped/colored crystals. Aren’t they gorge? 🤩 

So many of you in our Meet & Greets ask me how I can dance in such high shoes, let alone walk in “them heels!” 😉 Well, it has just gotten much easier with time. #PracticeMakesPerfect! At first though, my high heels were definitely challenging to walk in but through the years, and as my balance became more stable, my shoes have almost become like a second skin to my feet. In these blinged forms of art, I can now dance on any surface, climb any hill or conquer any obstacle—no matter how challenging things might get. Like the song says, “Ain’t no mountain high enough”…but really, ain’t no HEELS high enough for them to slip on my feet for the Vegas show!!! 🤣

It got me thinking that after all these years of wearing high heels, it definitely helped make it all easier for me now. It’s very similar to some of the bumpy roads or setbacks that come at us throughout our lives. The more trials we go through, the more we seem to be able to endure, with a little more ease and have greater compassion on those who are struggling around us. And as time goes on, we can even enjoy the dance of life a bit more, even in our high heels. 🤣

I believe difficult experiences and struggles can keep us humble and teachable as we strive to achieve balance through them all. It is our choice though! And as we go through the lows and rocky roads of life, we can appreciate and build greater faith that the better times are always ahead. 

As we keep our faith in a loving God, who knows us each individually—our walk on earth can find greater strides as we build strength and break-in our shoes. 🤣 Like in the song “Climb Every Mountain,” the lyrics have always inspired me to strive to achieve... when our trials seem unattainable. 

I can’t wait to see Rocket keep walkin’ in her blinged high-heels and as she matures and grows to experience the challenges of learning to walk in her heels… hopefully, those of us that have climbed a few Mt. Everest’s can turn our head towards the heavens at the top of each mountain... standing strong, with hand in mid-air, to serve as examples of never giving up! May we all learn that through Christ, after harsh conditions and difficulties, the rewards will come as we eventually arrive back home into His presence. 

Have a Happy Sunday and here’s to a wonderful holiday season!🎄💋