11.05.17 Sunday Message


On a plane... flying to Long Beach to sing a couple songs with my brothers before they set sail on their cruise. Got time on my hands to reflect on the meaning of this:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” 

This is one of the most notable quotes attributed to Winston Churchill, who, by the way, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in the ‘50s. Not too many people know this.👍

Isn’t it true though that when we share our light with others, it always seems to reignite that spark from within us! Giving of our heart and hands to uplift those in need requires time, commitment and patience. 

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” (Matthew 16:25)

You may recall that I learned the true meaning of that scripture firsthand. I wrote about my bout with postpartum depression in Behind the Smile. I know that this final act of service was what finally lifted me out of one of my darkest moments in life. I believe if we but follow the Savior’s example and immerse ourselves in the service of others, we can end up not only saving lives—but like in my own case, maybe even our own.

It is what we give and do on Earth that define our love for God. The simplest form of kindness in caring for our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers or even a stranger... can make a major impact in changing lives for the better. Would you agree that our own lives are precious gifts from God and are to be used to comfort the broken-hearted, nurse the sick and bring the “good news” to the afflicted? 

L❤️VE, carried out in the name of service, is the best form of medicine for self-pity, selfishness and loneliness. 

After my Mother passed away, I was in a jewelry repair shop fixing some of her things to share with her granddaughters. The woman there told me she knew my mother and visit taught with her. (As women in my LDS church, that’s something that two women are asked to do, to watch over and help those who are assigned to each other.) She told me of the many stories filled with wisdom and tender-hearted acts of kindness my Mom did and was inspired to do as they both served others. It was such a joy for me to sit and listen and it lifted my sorrowful heart to hear of things she did but never felt the need to brag about. She truly loved others unconditionally just as the Savior taught. 

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy those of you who have also shared a story with me of how my Mom did something kind that changed your world. What an example of the power of womanhood… I am forever grateful that she was my SHEro growing up. What an honor for me to call her “Mother.” 😘💞 She loved you all so much… I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! 😁🍎

My Mom taught, not just by her words but through her actions, that the grace and mercy of God’s love are limitless. Today, let’s all think of something we can do to spread His love through our kindness and sincerity... and with our heart and hands ❤️🤗 that we may find the joy of giving on this #Happy #Sunday! 💋

PS Can’t wait to see an talk to all of you on the cruise😊🚢