10.22.17 Sunday Message


I met a Father from Texas at Meet & Greet the other day at the Flamingo Las Vegas, who had lost everything due to Hurricane Harvey. I asked how his loved ones were doing and he replied, “Well, nobody in the family was hurt. Besides, you can’t take it with you anyway!”

The Texas man’s words spoke volumes when my Big Brother Alan sent this poem to our family group text, and since you are family, I would like to share this with you:

The Path That Leads Back Home

If you find that you are all alone.
Heading in an unknown direction;
Feeling strange and ever so lonely, looking for love and a place for protection.

In a world that’s ever changing with highways leading every which way.
Where you’re looked at more as an item, who can be bought, sold, or stolen away.

You need to stop, and take time to listen to that still small voice inside.
You have divinity within you, who will lead you to the place you should reside.

It’s what you’ve always wanted, what you’ve missed and have been looking for.
It keeps you from wandering or straying, it’s The Path that leads back home.

I’ve already booked reservations, in the mansions in the heavens above...
For those who give me reasons for living, for the ones I forever love.

I want you to be there with us. Where God gives to us all that He has.
You can only bring your spouse and children and live together in peace up above.

Put aside your GPS for adventure, cause it really doesn’t last that long.
There’s a compass that will truly guide you, to everlasting joy where you belong.

It gives directions on just how to get there, The Way is straight and it will never roam.
Road signs all point to happiness, on The Path that leads back home.

© Alan R. Osmond

Alan’s poem inspires me as much as the words of the man from Texas, whom I met at Meet & Greet. They both are right, we can’t take material things of this world with us when we pass on and I am comforted to know that this life extends beyond our Earthly experiences as we know it. The relationships and enduring friendships that we make and cherish in this life are solidified eternally through the grace of God and the bonds of love.

#FamiliesAreForever and friends like you are, too! 😊

Happy Sunday! 😘💋