Music Is Medicine

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About The New Album, Music Is Medicine

I’m a woman who tries to follow her intuition. My intuition said to me, ‘You need to record an album again. You need it to speak about life, about second chances, about finding love again and the spirals that life can bring during it all.’ Everything logically in me kept thinking, ‘I’m too old to record another album again! Why would I do this?” And then the thought came to me… ‘Why not record?’ At this stage in my life, I have a perspective or a depth that gives me so much I can legitimately say…or in my case sing about!

So, I wanted you all to know what this album means to me; it comes from my heart and soul. I wanted to do it, to sing, because life is so beautiful at every stage. The hard times, they are simply the defining moments that make us who we are. Life, like the quote says “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings” –and I have Nutrisystem…so… that’s not going to happen again! LOL.

So… I’m singing, with all my heart and soul. That’s why this album is so special for me; each song has its own story and it’s own personal meaning. I hope you will find your connection and meaning in each song as well.

I am so grateful to all of you for your love and support throughout my career. I am thrilled for you to hear this new album, “Music is Medicine” because for me, music has always been a healing balm for my soul. Through all the ups and downs, music has always been there for me!

I hope you enjoy and find that too in this new album of mine, “Music is Medicine.” 

- Marie 💋


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